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Company Profile

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  Demay Intelligent Equipment Co., Ltd. is located at the Rudong County Economic Development Zone in Jiangsu Province on the Yellow Sea coast. It was established in December 2015, with a registered capital of 80 million yuan, covering a total area of 40,000 square meters, of which the plant area covers 18,000 square meters. It now has total assets of 89 million yuan, more than 100 employees, of which 70% hold college degrees or higher, 15 have senior professional titles, 38 hold mid-level professional titles. The company now has a practical and dedicated R & D team with high professional quality and solid strength.
  The company is mainly engaged in the R & D, manufacturing, sale and leasing of intelligent robots, mechanized agriculture and road maintenance engineering machinery and equipment, and horticultural equipment, in addition to the refit and sale of special operation vehicles. In the area of road maintenance equipment integrating large-scale intelligent and electronic control and full hydraulic, the company has attained the essence of the industry in the world, while absorbing the first-class design concept of Germany, and carrying out improvement and innovation to fit with the road conditions in China. We have obtained more than 10 national intellectual property rights, having realized technological innovation in "mechanism optimization lightweight design", "electrical control system", "hydraulic control system" and "intelligent operation" integration and other aspects, and formed the industrial system integrating services and training.
  The large-scale intelligent electric control hydraulic lawn mower developed by the company is specially designed to provide mowing, pruning, modeling, dredging and other operations for the green belts on roadsides (highways, national roads, provincial roads, county roads, village roads), isolation zones, landscape trees, and drainage ditches on roadsides. It can also carry out fast and efficient cleaning for road surface, road signs, road guardrails, tunnel walls and so on, which is a versatile daily road maintenance equipment. All the electronic control and hydraulic components are from world-class well-known brands. The automotive chassis is in line with the National V emission standard. The product is featured by high intelligence, reliability, safety and environment-friendly performance, and multiple purposes in one machine, which can significantly replace manpower, save costs, and improve efficiency. The company can provide a complete set of intelligent equipment for road landscaping and road maintenance.
  All the staff of Demay Intelligent Equipment adhere to the corporate spirit of "loyalty, innovation, mission, dedication", take specialization and pragmatism as the foundation, technological innovation as the guide, product quality as life, customer satisfaction as the driving force, and timely effective service as the guarantee. so that the company can achieve sustained, steady and healthy growth, and gradually become a competitive international enterprises.
  In the future, Demay Intelligent Equipment Co., Ltd. will give full play to the advantages of independent innovation, adhere to the specialization, fineness and up-to-dateness of products, and specialize in road greening and maintenance, to create value for customers. We will constantly introduce automated and intelligent products with worldwide influence. Based in China, and marching on towards the world, we will make unremitting efforts to a world-class leading intelligent equipment manufacturer by providing road maintenance, beautifying the environment, and bringing benefits for mankind.
Company Profile

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